RFID which is a key technology for

Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 presents a unique challenge of efficiently transforming traditional manufacturing to smart and autonomous systems. Integrating manufacturing systems, materials, machinery, operators, products, and consumers, improve interconnectivity and traceability across the entire product life cycle in order to ensure the horizontal and vertical integration of networked Smart Manufacturing (SM) systems. RFID which is a key technology for Industry 4.0
The tournament organizers spend a lot of time, money, and people to complete a race. From the management of guests and athletes to the stage of judging the awards, so many mistakes often happen
Optimization in production management is an important and necessary job of any manufacturing enterprise in general and the garment industry in particular. RFID technology in particular has been and is an inevitable choice for most companies in the world as optimal salvation.
RFID baggage solution will allow airports and airlines significantly increase the productivity and accuracy of baggage operations. Save time and money for passengers, the airports and airlines
WMS is a tool that provides companies with shipping, storing, sorting, and inventory solutions to streamline processes along with adding all benefits to it. It serves varieties of industries such as wholesale and distribution, retail
System provides many opportunities to reduce cost, raise revenue, boost customer satisfaction in the retail sector. Access to more accurate frequent inventory data for both retailers and reduces inventory costs
Giai phap quan ly tai san giup cho nguoi quan ly co cai nhin thuong tan xuyen xuot tu dau vao, dau ra, phan bo tai nguyen, nham hop ly hoa, toi uu va tang kha nang canh tranh trong kinh doanh
Traceability is the ability to track any food through all stages of production, processing and distribution (including importation and at retail)
Yard management or WMS paired with RFID technology. Such a solution automates a significant amount of tasks associated with the location and movement of large assets – slashing time spent searching for material
Giai phap cung cap cho cac thu vien nhung loi the truoc mat va lau dai. No giup cai thien cac nghiep vu hien tai nhu kha nang theo doi, nang cao viec quan ly va chong trom tai thu vien.
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