How It Changed the World

For more than four decades, barcodes have helped companies, large and small, more efficiently and accurately identify, track, and inventory a variety of products, assets, supplies, and more. The invention of the bar code made things easier and more convenient in warehouse management, retail, hospital, manufacturing, logistics,...
Library Barcode Solution - Easy to implement and powerful for tracking, barcode labels can lead to big gains in accuracy and productivity. We offer great service, low prices and fast delivery.
Learn how a real-time RFID tracking solution delivered excellent business value and competitive differentiation for Plant Access, a specialized logistics services provider.
Barcode labels are the building blocks of any file tracking system and help keep errors down while speeding up your business process. Having the system in place will ensure you get the greatest return and accuracy.
Discover how a compliance labeling & verification solution resulted in an increase in productivity and a decrease in costs for Astute Medical.
Discover how the National Healthcare Center in the world fulfills the 5 rights of medication safety with a patient wristband tracking system.
Every organization has a need to reliably track attendance to ensure orderliness and control everywhere from the production floor to the event.
A POS system is much more than a basic cash register. It is now the core management tool for any retail business. The most valuable retail POS system is one that will run your business your way.
Your customers are the lifeblood of your revenue stream and need to be respected accordingly; however, disagreements and miscommunication will inevitably crop up from time to time.
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